JKA Mauritius started humbly its activities in 2016 under the leadership of Dr. Didier Samfat, Chairman of JKA Mauritius, by organizing the very 1st International Seminar on the 1st September 2016 with Shihan Okuma (JKA HQ Instructor) and Sensei Johan Lagrange (Chief Instructor of SA JKA).

Today, Shihan Koichiro Okuma 7th Dan is the Chief Instructor of JKA Mauritius and owing to his tremendous help, we have been able to sustain a continuous annual growth. We gather 20 dojos spread over the Republic of Mauritius with more than 500 students.

This success is essentially due to the parents and students, who have really appreciated our training approach that includes also a personal development based on the JKA core values i.e., Perfection of Character, Sincerity, Maximum Effort, Respect and Self-control which is our Dojo Kun.

Shihan Okuma, comes every year to teach us the Bushido spirit (Code of Samurai) and the JKA core principle which is STRENGTH: Mental Strength and Physical strength, which are today of utmost importance for kids at school and adults at work to succeed in life.